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SUP summer?!

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Here we go! I hope you all had a fun & safe holiday weekend! SUP classes start off Monday July 6th with SUP yoga at West End Beach on Donner Lake at 8:30 am! I will be offering classes Monday-Thursday at West End at 8:30am. Monday's & Wednesday's will be SUP yoga, an hour long class taking our yoga practice completely on the water. This class is open to beginners and experienced yogis alike, with modifications offered throughout class.

Tuesday's & Thursday's will be SUP Fitness, this is an hour long, hybrid, class half on land, half on the boards! I am excited to add this class to the schedule this year, we will have ample space at the beach to spread out during our land portion to keep proper social distancing requirements in tact.

I am so happy to have these classes be regularly scheduled and to be able to offer class packages so you can make them a regular occurrence to see yourself progress and become stronger on and off the water! Please reach out with any questions about classes and be sure to book online! Booking will need to be done the night before to ensure your spot/board!

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