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SUP Yoga & Fitness

SUP Yoga & Fitness

Welcome to a whole new meaning of balance in your yoga and fitness routine! With a fleet of Pau Hana paddleboards, I am proud to offer paddleboard yoga and fitness classes. Challenge yourself in a whole new way by taking your practice to the water! Me and my whole fleet are mobile and I am taking classes to (almost) any body of water!

Utilizing the water, our body weight, paddle, and anchors to create a full body flow/workout in each class, you'll soon be more than happy the beautiful, refreshing, water is your floating studio. Classes can be modified for any paddling/fitness level. Paddling and water safety instruction included, so don't hesitate to email for more information! Private sessions available for those who would like more time getting comfortable on the water, or for a special event!

Personal Training

Personal training offers individualized programs tailored to your needs and wants. It is the best way to reach specific goals. Whether you are just getting started in fitness for the first time, after a long break, or are a seasoned enthusiast, 1 on 1 training can give you the attention you need and deserve to set you up on a successful path you can continue down on your own! With multiple options for packages involving in-person sessions and app-based workouts, we can find what will work best for your schedule and accountability needs. From all in-person to all online, we will work together to find what works best for you

I offer online training programs that are completely tailored to your personal needs and the equipment you have available to you. Workouts can be designed for at home, the gym, or anywhere, and to work with your schedule. 

Email me to learn more about online training.

Currently, I am only offering online training! There are multiple ways to deliver workouts if an app isn't your thing. All of this can be discussed in a free consultation.

Personal Training


“I was referred to Tarin by a friend who had great results. My goal in working with Tarin was to get back into lifting consistently and increase my strength so that I could have even more enjoyment in my other activities like hiking and biking. I also wanted to fit better in my jeans and feel more confident overall. 


We achieved all of these things and more. I am so much stronger than I was 2 months ago, now back to dead lifting 115 lbs and climbing. I’m so much more confident in my own body, enjoying nourishing myself with food and not overthinking it too much. Plus, my abs are popping and my arms are toning up nicely. 


All in all, I have loved working with Tarin. She adjusts the workouts to my needs and I have a great time with her - we chat about life wins and struggles and she helps me get through it all stronger!”


SUP Certification Courses

SUP Certification Courses

Are you interested in sharing your passion for the water and becoming a SUP instructor yourself? As a proud member and certified instructor trainer of the Professional Stand Up Paddle Association (PSUPA) I offer different levels of certification courses to get you started in your own instructor journey! I teach the PSUPA fundamentals course as well as the flatwater level 1 certification. 


Upcoming Trainings:


  • None at this time.

Special Events
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Special Events

Are you looking for something fun and interactive to do with a group of friends or family for a special event like a birthday or wedding celebration?! Paddleboarding is the perfect activity to experience the beauty of Lake Tahoe and explore, or try something new like SUP yoga, or SUP fitness!


Booking a private class with your group of friends is the perfect opportunity to get on the water and have fun together. Rooting (and laughing) each other on as you attempt to challenge yourself and try some things you maybe wouldn't try in a regular class.

If the water isn't really your thing, I offer private land based classes as well! I can come to you or we can find a meeting point!

Looking to expend some extra energry before a big event, or burn off some of the fun that was had?! A private fitness class could be the answer! Land or SUP, email below for more info!

Need to calm the nerves, de-stress, or change the vibe & energy? A slow paced yoga class to relax, or a strong vinyasa flow to shift the focus, are also available on land or water!

Maybe you are simply interested in learning how to paddle with your group! Book a group paddleboard lesson here!

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