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The Sweat Life: Gift Guide for At Home Fitness Enthusiasts

Whether you are coming up with gift ideas for yourself or wracking your brain on what to get your fitness frenzy friend or partner, this list has a little something for everyone. From the yogi to the heavy lifter, the gym-goer to the at-homer, the inexperienced to the expert, fitness is for everyone and you're bound to find something for those whose wishlist goes beyond simply looking good, but want to feel good too. Here are the top 5 ideas:

1. Equipment

Equipment can be pricey! It's kind of like when you have to buy cleaning supplies or know you need the stuff, but to some, it's hard to drop the money on. You can start small for those just getting started on their fitness journey or are building up their home gym. Lightweight dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbell plates are great additions. There are even things like sandbags, rucking packs, medicine balls and so much more! Any fitness enthusiast would be happy to add to their collection of modalities and fill in a weight they don't have yet.

Check out some options online here. Shipping can be pricey on these items, try places like Dick's Sporting Goods, Walmart, Scheel's, etc. Do a quick google search of sporting goods stores in your area then check their website or call to see if they carry fitness equipment.

2. Leggings/Joggers

A good legging never goes unappreciated! There is also the comfy side of working out. It includes the pre-workout, the after-workout, or the skip-the-workout. Vuori has some of my favorite pieces for all three comfy aspects. The Daily Legging is just that, my daily. I don't prefer them to workout in, but definitely for lounging or casual wear. They also have a Daily Pocket Legging now! Who doesn't love a pocket in their daily leggings?! The Performance Jogger is the do-all for me. On the way to the gym, the workout itself, after the gym, lounge time, wrestling practice, they are good for anything when you don't want a tight-fitting legging. These also come in a long for the taller gals or if you don't prefer the standard jogger length.

The Vuori Stride Legging is my go-to for workouts. They are a 7/8 length and have more of a compressive fit, which for me, means they stay in place! I'm not constantly tugging at these or waiting until I start sweating for them to stay put. They also have an external pocket on either side which is always a plus, especially when at a gym or out for a run/walk.

Born Primitive also has some great leggings and color options. They are super soft and comfortable and as far as I have experienced, squat proof! They have tons of styles so you can find the right fabric and fit for any activity. Fleo is another brand to check out that I personally haven't tried yet, but they are on my list. I've heard great things from some of the die hard CrossFit girlies I know.

3. Yoga Mat

Fact: you do not have to do yoga to find a yoga mat useful. Though, I firmly believe all of us would benefit from some yoga from time to time. But whether you are fully in the flow or just laying in your body-shaped outline of sweat, a good yoga mat comes in use for that at-home workout warrior. Yoga mats give you more grip to workout barefoot (opposed to carpet) and also can keep you focused. Like, when it comes to deciding you need to vacuum or steam clean your carpets before you get down on them to workout on. Throw your mat down and you now have a clean place to lay your body - stay focused, save the cleaning for after the workout! The Jade Yoga Harmony Mat has been my favorite and go-to for over 10 years now!

I think of my yoga mat as my own little sanctuary, even if I have a whole room dedicated to working out. A space I can come to sit, breathe, sweat, or just lie down. Lately, my saving grace has been my Kama Surface Mondo Mat. The Mondo Mat is bigger than your traditional yoga mat, offering more space for your workout, yoga, or sharing with friends. I work out outside as much as possible (mostly cause I have very limited space inside) and the Mondo mat has been the perfect platform to keep me off the dirt when doing burpees, plank variations, and pretty much anything I might otherwise have to be on the ground for. I have this in my truck all summer long for dock days, camping, sitting by the river, or music at the park with friends.

4. Headphones

Even if you are working out from home, sometimes you just need to block out the noise. Other times, you need to hear what's going on around you but still need a little music motivation. This is why I have a couple of favorite headphones.

For noise canceling I like the Jaybird Vista 2 ear buds (they actually do have the option to let ambient sound in so you can hear a bit of what's going on around you too). The Jaybird Vista's are wireless earbuds, Bluetooth, IP68 waterproof & sweatproof, and have a 24 hour battery life. Answer calls, cancel out the noise, and with their quick charge, 5 minutes will get you 1 hour of play time! With the Jaybird app, you can control the noise canceling settings, music settings, and even locate them with the 'Find My Buds' feature.

When I need to hear what's going on around me, like when walking the dogs, I love the Shokz OpenRun. Powered by bone conduction technology, Shokz sit outside of your ear allowing for total awareness of your surroundings. Honestly, earbuds don't always stay in my ears well, so I love that Shokz wrap around and sit outside the ear. When you don't want to hear anything going on around you, stick some earplugs in and you can still hear what you are listening to perfectly. This is the move when on a plane or traveling! The OpenRun are rated IP67 Waterproof and have an 8-hour battery life. They also are equipped with a quick charge. A 10-minute Quick Charge can get you up to 1.5 hours of battery life!

5. Gym Membership or Class Packs

The person you are buying for might have everything they need at home, but it's still nice to get out of the house once in a while! It can refresh your motivation to have a change of scenery. Also, if they are always working out alone, a class atmosphere can be rejuvenating. It can be hard to justify buying these things for yourself if you do have everything you need at home, so receiving it as a gift takes that guilt away. This could be a punch card or a one-month pass. Maybe it's to a yoga studio because they don't do that at home as much as they'd like. Or maybe it's to a group class studio or a full gym where they have the option to take classes or do their own thing! Tip: make sure they can set the activation date and it's not set upon purchase. Another tip: make sure they have expressed interest in a membership as this is not a returnable item, and sometimes, non-transferable (like changing the name if you find yourself in a "re-gift" situation).

Wrapping it Up

You can't go wrong in supporting someone on their fitness journey! Whether they have been at it for years or not, it's always a journey. Our fitness ebbs and flows throughout life. I would tread lightly for those who are in a pause of their journey, so it doesn't feel like you are sending them an alternative message, like "they should be working out more". This guide is for those who are more immersed in fitness or have expressively asked for things related to fitness. We want our gifts to feel good and be something the person will find useful and love, never undermining or sending a passive message.

I hope you found this useful and can treat the fitness lover in your life to a gift they'll love and appreciate!

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