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Are you looking for something fun and interactive to do with a group of friends or family for a special event like a birthday or wedding celebration?! Paddleboarding is the perfect activity to experience the beauty of Lake Tahoe and explore, or try something new like SUP yoga, or SUP fitness!


Booking a private class with your group of friends is the perfect opportunity to get on the water and have fun together. Rooting (and laughing) each other on as you attempt to challenge yourself and try some things you maybe wouldn't try in a regular class.

If the water isn't really your thing, I offer private land based classes as well! I can come to you or we can find a meeting point!

Looking to expend some extra energry before a big event, or burn off some of the fun that was had?! A private fitness class could be the answer! Land or SUP, email below for more info!

Need to calm the nerves,

de-stress, or change the vibe & energy? A slow paced yoga class to relax, or a strong vinyasa flow to shift the focus, are also available on land or water!

Maybe you are simply interested in learning how to paddle with your group! Book a group paddleboard lesson here

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