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Welcome! My name is Tarin, I am a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer, and paddleboard instructor. I grew up heavily involved in sports, and was always interested in the way the body moves and how to keep it healthy and strong! I always had a passion for being on the water, so I was naturally drawn to Paddleboard yoga and putting a spin of my own on things with Paddleboard fitness, combining all things I love into one! I offer modifications in all my classes so whether you are a seasoned athlete or just getting started, there are options for you to stay challenged and get a great workout in! 



“I’ve been working on personal coaching with Tarin 3x/week for close to a year now and I am amazed with how much progress I’ve made. I am happier, healthier, and more successful because of all her encouragement and support. Our work together has made me feel strong, confident and proud of myself of even the smallest accomplishments. Her positive attitude and attentiveness to my needs are the qualities I look for in a personal trainer and she is genuinely passionate and caring. I have been able to see and feel continual improvement in our sessions and I plan to train with her for a long time to come!


Can’t thank Tarin enough for all her help and support on a professional and personal level with my fitness journey!!”




I offer a myriad of services, from private 1 on 1 sessions to group sessions, online, on land and on water sessions. Rates very depending on group size, travel/equipment needed, or studio space needed. For special events check out my events page. For private 1 on 1 sessions, or small group sessions, email me here!

  • Paddleboard yoga

  • Paddleboard fitness

  • Personal training

  • Online training

  • Private yoga

  • Bachelorette/bridal party package

  • Small group training

  • Beginner paddleboard lessons

  • Paddleboard certification courses 



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