Hey everyone! 

I'm happy you've made it here to learn more about me personally! As you know, I'm a certified personal trainer and yoga teacher. I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training through the Maui Yoga Shala in 2013. Since then I have added a SUP yoga teacher certification to that and Yoga Shred. I am constantly looking for more trainings to continue my education and gain more knowledge in this constantly evolving industry. I'm currently looking into ways to involve more on water training, as being on the water is a love that goes deep inside of me that has been engrained in me since I was born.

I grew up in a tight nit wrestling family. I was my brothers practice buddy at the age of 4 and started wrestling myself at the age of 8 and continued to wrestle throughout high school. I played soccer and fastpitch throughout middle and high school as well. I loved all these sports but wrestling held the crown for the strong community of families we'd built within the sport through our long span in it. 

I had wanted to study kinesiology in college, but after completing my AA I had decided I wanted to try my hand in the outdoor industry. I became a zipline and kayak guide in Southeast Alaska and after completing my 200 hour yoga teacher certification, I spent a summer teaching yoga in Nicaragua. I then moved to Lake Tahoe and became a kayak and paddleboard guide on this gorgeous lake. I was itching to get back to AK so took a job on a commercial fishing boat for 2 summers and continued to trek back to Tahoe for the winters. As I started to dive back into my passion for fitness I completed my CPT certification through NASM and started working locally in North Lake Tahoe to grow my business as personal trainer and yoga teacher. I am currently working at a few local studios and gyms and attempting to start school again, to finally get back to my dream of studying kinesiology.  I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can to pass this knowledge on to others and help people reach their health and fitness goals safely and efficiently!